Fetoun Abdullah

Fetoun is a financial analyst and project manager. She has over five years of experience working for financial institutions and government ministries in Saudi Arabia assessing the financial viability of several high-profile projects. After successfully completing a graduate internship at AlJazira Capital in Riyadh, Fetoun started her career at Bayan Credit Bureau as an analyst advising SMEs in Saudi Arabia before taking on responsibility as a research and financial analyst. Throughout her career Fetoun has consistently demonstrated her ability to lead teams, conduct detailed research and financial analysis, and develop effective strategies and solutions.
It was these skills that secured her a role at the Government Expenditure & Project Efficiency Authorities where she led the implementation of a program that aimed to support entities in designing successful initiatives based on government requirements including the financial viability analysis of attracting the Formula 1 Grand Prix to Saudi Arabia. Fetoun joined Salient from Bayyna Real Estate & Asset Management. Fetoun holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Prince Sultan University and a certificate from Cornell University in Public Relations Strategy.