Our  leadership team

We are passionate about people. Our leadership philosophy creates a culture where our colleagues bring their best selves to work every day and strive to do salient work for our clients.

Abdullah AlMuzaini
Chairman, co-Founder

“The Salient brand stands for high quality – a standout corporate brand, reputation and talent advisory firm, based in Riyadh, focussed on the Kingdom ”

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Osamah Alqusayer
General Manager

“Salient’s innovative approach provides the perfect learning environment for nurturing Saudi talent to become global communication consultants.”

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Sean Trainor
Chief Executive, co-Founder

“Our shared vision for Salient is to create a world-class communication consultancy in Riyadh with the best Saudi talent focussed on the Kingdom.”

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Fetoun Abdullah
Chief of Staff

“Salient is a game changer. We tell stories that will pique people’s interests, improve reputation and connect the world to Saudi Arabia. ”

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Salient Advisory

Our VIP advisory services provide executive leaders and communication professionals with salient advice through mentoring, coaching, training and consultancy.

Helping you to innovate, learn and grow.

Our mentoring, coaching, training and consultancy services are tailored to your individual and organisational needs.

Our bespoke advisory services address the salient issues facing executive leaders and communication professionals: leading with impact, building team performance, enhancing corporate resilience and facilitating organisational change.


1:1 mentoring to share knowledge, skills and experience to help you develop and grow. 


1:1 coaching to provide guidance on your goals and help you reach your full potential.


Individual or team sessions to build professional communication capability.


Providing senior counsel on specific organisational risks, issues and opportunities.

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What we do

We create and execute communication strategies that deliver impact and influence using our tried and tested 8xMs integrated framework.


We ensure your communication strategy is focused on supporting mission-critical goals.


We find the intersect between your ambition and the interests of your audiences.


We create a narrative framework with a compelling story and a clear call to action.


We use the relevant channels to optimise reach and relevance to your target audiences.


We plan and prepare responses to mitigate escalation of reputational risks and issues.


We identify and create key moments to engage with your target audiences.


We analyse and evaluate the true impact of your communication activities.


We develop governance and processes for efficient and effective communications.

Our products

We have a portfolio of proprietary products which are easily deployed to tackle the salient issues facing your organisation.  


Saliency Index has been developed to provide a benchmark and dashboard to track the performance of your organisation’s reputation.

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A wide range of masterclasses in communications that helps build competence and confidence in your leaders and communication professionals.


Our cultural assessment provides actionable insights to improve your workplace culture and drive innovation, learning and growth.


We facilitate interactive workshops to help teams navigate your strategy and build the saliency of your brand from the inside out.


Our Issues and crisis training and proprietary app provide effective preparation, response and recovery protocols to reputational threats.


Media evaluation and intelligence reporting that helps you plan and prepare content that is relevant and engaging to your audiences.

Our experience

Our consultants have advised leading Saudi organisations including:

Are you savvy, canny and gutsy? 

We want to hear from you.

Salient will give you the perfect learning environment to master the art and craft of communication consultancy.

Your career path towards becoming a trusted advisor starts here.

If you think you have what it takes, then we’d like you to conduct an initial on-line assessment. By return, you will receive a confidential feedback report whether or not you have been shortlisted for a follow-up interview.

Thank you for your interest in Salient.