Abdullah AlMuzaini

As Chairman and co-founder of Salient, Mr. Abdullah AlMuzaini has invested in creating a Saudi-based corporate reputation and organisational culture advisory firm led by international managing partners with a vision to attract and retain the very best local talent. Mr. AlMuzaini is the owner of Istabraq Ltd, Saudi Arabia, which has been the exclusive local partner of leading international PR agencies over the past six years. He also serves as a member of the foreign investment and cooperation committee at the Chamber of Commerce in Saudi Arabia. Mr. AlMuzaini founded BAYYNA Single Family Office Firm in Riyadh after accumulating over twenty-five years of experience.
As the Managing Partner of BAYYNA, he utilises his intensive experience to run all facets of the business and manage a large residential and commercial real estate portfolio across Europe and the United States of America. As part of his strategy for diversification, Mr. AlMuzaini acquired a reputable British pharmaceutical chain based in London where he occupies the position of Chairman. He is a shareholder of a renowned venture capital firm in Silicon Valley Northgate, California., and is a consultant for TCP, an investment and asset management firm in the United Kingdom.