Salient signs strategic partnerships to help Saudi organizations win the war for talent

Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – 26 July 2023

Salient, a leading reputation advisory firm based in Saudi Arabia, has signed
groundbreaking strategic partnerships with two global companies, World Class Manager™
and Safe Places To Work, to help organizations find, keep and grow top talent in the

The war for talent is one of Saudi Arabia’s most pressing challenges and these powerful
alliances deliver unmatched solutions for businesses seeking to be employers of choice in
the highly competitive market by prioritizing employee wellbeing and management
capability, while enhancing organizational performance and contributing to the economic
development of the Kingdom.

Salient’s chief executive officer Sean Trainor said: “Our strategic partnerships with World
Class Manager™ and Safe Places To Work align perfectly with our vision to offer clients a
complete talent, brand and reputation advisory service. The combination of world-class
leadership coaching and workplace culture transformation to develop psychologically safe
places to work creates a formidable force to win the war for talent in Saudi Arabia.”

Trusted by organizations as diverse as Royal Dutch Shell, the British Broadcasting
Corporation and HSBC, World Class Manager™ has developed over 50,000 managers in
more than 30 countries. Its bespoke learning modules are focused on the critical skills
managers need to get the best out of themselves and the best out of their people.
Safe Places To Work specializes in creating psychologically safe work environments that
eliminate fear and foster employee well-being, innovation, and a culture of trust.
After an extraordinary seven months of rapid growth, Salient’s expansion into talent and
organizational culture advisory services complements its core expertise in reputation

Commenting on the launch of Salient Talent, Sean Trainor said: “Our journey began with a
vision to revolutionize the reputation advisory landscape in Saudi Arabia, and our expansion
into talent and brand advisory services completes our offer of helping high performing
organizations create a virtuous circle around brand, talent and reputation focused on their

About World Class Manager™

The World Class Manager programme is a 24 modular management training approach based on global best practice. The designers of this unique approach have worked with over 1000 CEOs globally and now impacted the development of more than 50,000 managers globally.

About Safe Places To Work™

The Safe Places To Work assessment is a 24 question employee survey for organisations and teams that wish to garner actionable insights on how to improve psychological safety in the workplace. It looks at enablers of safety at every organisational level to identify and eliminate fear factors.

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