Engagement 101

Our Founding Partner, Sean Trainor has been recognised as one of the Top 101 thought leaders in the field of employee engagement.

The #Engagement101 celebrates the contributions of thought leaders from all areas of business, including the boardroom, HR, Internal Communications, Finance, Technology, and Entrepreneurship, who have made significant strides in the development of creating people first organizations. 

From those who inspire action, educate, and recognize, all 101 influencers share a deep passion for enhancing the employee experience and as an output, engagement.

This list has been curated with input from contributors across the globe, ensuring that the #Engagement101 reflects the diverse perspectives and insights of the global business community.

Each year, the list will be updated to reflect the latest developments in the field and to recognize the innovative contributions of those who are advancing employee engagement.

Commenting on the award, Sean said “I’m humbled to have been recognised for my contribution to employee engagement for the 5th year in a row. Over the past three decades, I have been a passionate advocate for building brands from the inside out and hope that I’ve made a difference to organisations by by providing leadership teams with salient advice and giving back to the profession through my contribution to the ground breaking MacLeod Report and flying the flag for internal communications and engagement as a board member of the CIPR”

“This year marks the launch of www.salientksa.com when I finally get to put my counsel into practice as a business leader”

“Salient is a people-first consultancy firm. That doesn’t mean winning “pay-to-play” workplace awards or providing bean bags, billiards and breakfasts for our colleagues. Instead it’s about truly investing in our people. We do that by nurturing a strong culture of psychological safety, providing meaningful career paths and development opportunities and sharing the equity of the business that we co-create with our people.”

See the full #Engagement101 list here https://engagement-101.inspiring-workplaces.com/2023-2/

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